Emma Stone Quotes and Trivia

Apr 05th, 2012

Gorgeous red-head, funny girl Emma Stone has really made her mark on Hollywood in the last couple of years and I thought it’s about time we learned a little more about Hollywood’s latest A-list beauty.

April 05th, 2012 by helga Tags: 50 Cent Emma Stone

The Situation has a Situation!

Mar 23rd, 2012

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino seems to have found him in a bit of a sitch after his admitting last week that he is battling a severe substance abuse problem, wow nobody saw that coming… NOT!

Jersey Shore Update: Deena Nicole Scary In A Bikini

Jul 05th, 2011

Yikes! If there's one Jersey Shore girl who should keep her clothes on, it's Deena Nicole Cortese. Home girl just wasn't looking fresh to death in this tiny little number. G-ROSS...

Golden Globes Mess Of The Night: Christina Aguilera

Jan 17th, 2011

Selena Gomez Receives Death Threats After Justin Bieber Makeout

Jan 05th, 2011

To all future Justin Bieber girlfriends: make sure you don't touch or kiss him in public...with cameras around. Unfortunately for Selena Gomez, photogs caught her getting kissy kissy with the Biebs and then came the death threats from his crazy female fans...

Jessica Alba Doesn't Mind Aging

Oct 15th, 2010

First we have the "I'm ugly" comment and now Jessica Alba's opening up her big mouth in regards to plastic surgery. Like, really, when she, like, ages, ya know, like, she'll TOTALLY be okay with it! Because people really take this broad seriously and all...