Paris Hilton Wins A Lawsuit

Sep 30th, 2010

Because she so needs the money, right? Paris Hilton has just won a lawsuit against a company who featured a greeting card with the words "That's Hot." And since this catchphrase is copyrighted by the star, that's how she won it. You know, because it takes a genius to put two words together...

Bruce Willis Makes A Waitress Cry

Aug 31st, 2010

Not only is he a tough guy on screen, but Bruce Willis is also tough enough to make a waitress cry. While dining with wifey Emma Heming at the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge, Bruce wasn't too fond of his meal--and he didn't just send it back one or twice...he sent that shizz back three times...

Michael Lohan Dating A Chick Who Strives To Look Like His Daughter, Lindsay Lohan

Aug 11th, 2010

The headline pretty much says it all. Not that this surprises me with Michael Lohan. The guy just gets creepier and creepier each day. My issue is the chick. What self respecting woman actually allows herself to be touched by dirty daddy Lohan?...

Reggie Bush May Have Cheated On Kim Kardashian!

Mar 26th, 2010

With Tiger Woods, Josh Duhamel, & Jesse James all revealed as two-timing fellas, it wouldn't surprise me if Reggie Bush joined the club. That's what is reporting anyway! Just little over a week ago, January Gessert, spent a night in March at Reggie's Hollywood Hills home...

'National Enquirer' Knew A Long Time Ago About Tiger Wood's Infidelities

Dec 11th, 2009

Looks like acclaimed rag National Enquirer knew a looooong time ago about Tiger Woods and his cheatin' ways. So why did America's most beloved disaster publication decide to axe the story? Because the CEO decided to trade silence for a sister publication, Men's Health, getting a Tiger cover...

Tiger Woods, His Batch Of Alleged Whores, & No Condoms Allowed!

Dec 09th, 2009

And more information just keeps on piling up. Since there's so much hoopla to report on, let's just stick to one main thing that caught our eyes. A wonderful collage of Tiger Wood's alleged females and two stepping up saying the Golf pro wasn't a fan of the condom. Ouch, Elin...

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