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ba girl on 07/30/2010 @ 17:04

WTF are you talking about?!? She looks absolutely gorgeous

DollieM on 07/28/2010 @ 05:08

I don't understand what the big deal is, it wasn't a stripper pole n she wasn't really dancing on it like strippers do, it was something to hold onto. And as for the tattoo its not that bad, tattoos are getting more and more common I got mine at the age of 16 and all she had to do was get her dad to sign the papers saying she could n leave, mine did. If she wasn't a celebrity nobody would be saying any of this about her, nobody would say anything. You see normal every day girls doing all the same things and there not being treated like she is, so why is it such a huge thing shes being a normal teenage girl.

ba girl on 07/26/2010 @ 20:46

From what I hear Gwyneth is an amazing hostess and loves throwing parties for various occasions with her friends. Why not throw one for Kabbalah... I particularly am not very religious but would've loved to go to a party like that thrown in some amazing mansion. If anything I bet good food, good entertaining and some interesting new cultural and intellectual topics were covered :) Needless to say, I love Gwyneth - she is beautiful and seems like a very well rounded nice person.

ba girl on 07/22/2010 @ 16:23

I must say they do make a cute couple! And she is rocking it with this hot boytoy :) Good for her! Its great to see celebrities in happy relationships

ba girl on 07/20/2010 @ 22:51

There is a big difference between dildos and vibrators. You guys should do your research before criticizing this woman. And since when it is a bad thing for a girl to pleasure herself?

Pharma53 on 07/18/2010 @ 22:54

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melissa on 07/12/2010 @ 05:51

I feel sorry for him that he can't even go to Taco Bell like a normal guy. I wish his fans would be a little more conciderate ya know. If I was there I wouldn't scream I'd just be like I'm a huge fan. Idk I just feel kinda sorry for him.

Eric Schiffer Fan on 06/23/2010 @ 05:58

Guess that's part of him being her father. Side note: Rumer Willis is a hot babe!

manish singh on 06/21/2010 @ 09:21

i love this picture very much can you give me your mail ID and mobile no.

Diana on 05/28/2010 @ 14:34

Mariah's really good in collecting the bitch award, she's made a lot of female enemies like Leona, Madonna, JLO, Christina, and now Rihanna? Geesh she's not that totally awesome real DIVA who's got that majestic snob and snare but still looked appealling, only Barbra, Patti LaBelle, Madonna and Aretha owns that stature, Mariah's a clown bitch who still thinks she shines like a real Diva. Hell Rihanna can kick her ass anytime!

tomakat on 05/24/2010 @ 18:56

she has got a nice butt

GHD on 05/24/2010 @ 00:45

Take this kid, put him on a boat, and leave him in the middle of the Atlantic to fend for himself. At this point, I'm so sick of him.

diamontina on 05/17/2010 @ 08:28

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