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You've already viewed the Chaos, now view the crap that goes along with it...

Team CoCo on 04/12/2010 @ 21:34

So happy for Conan! When I signed on and saw this, my happiness soared. Go CoCo!

ghd on 03/27/2010 @ 02:00


ghd on 03/27/2010 @ 01:56

really good.

BlondieeWood on 03/26/2010 @ 05:28

The only part I really wanted to point out was the 'jiggle your jugs' test. I find that extremely disrespectful, disgusting, and downright wrong.

BlondieeWood on 03/26/2010 @ 05:26

Thank you for your response, Bananas. It is much appreciated and I agree with you when it comes plastic surgery used to change oneself's image solely for society. Thank you for your comment!

Bananas on 03/25/2010 @ 12:58

I don't think Disney has gone too far. They have every right to make specifications for the role they want. Even though it's a pg-13 movie, with a more adult mindset, it's still Disney. They don't need to be perpetuating the "If I get implants I get cast more" ideal, or, "If I get implants, I'm automatically pretty" ideal to their young audience. They can just as well find lots of women with big breasts that are real and it shouldn't be a prob. Casting people with surgical enhancements that are often as obvious as implants tend to be, also sends out a CULTURAL message, so people shouldn't just dismiss the having implants issue as irrelevant to the role. No matter what anyone wants to say, the plastic surgery phenomenon is more than just "making yourself happy". It's about changing yourself to make society laud you more, to increase work in some media avenues, to get attention, to fit some ideal of beauty, etc. Disney doesn't need all that.

bariatric surgery indianapolis on 03/23/2010 @ 05:34

I agree, the chin is a bit too small now. But it looks alright. I guess she could always have an implant added.

charlie_x on 03/20/2010 @ 18:23

I spy a camel toe.

Stu Garfath on 03/19/2010 @ 17:06

Kid, wipe him, like the dirty arse he is!.

vicky on 03/18/2010 @ 23:38

Great stuff. I like this man R.Kelly a lot. Don't worry illiteracy is not a big problem in singing. Its a art growing from heart.

Pharmd533 on 03/18/2010 @ 07:48

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bearman2 on 02/20/2010 @ 22:43

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Melanie on 02/15/2010 @ 21:15

i like your eyes

Lefturn on 02/14/2010 @ 22:55

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