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"T" on 02/04/2010 @ 15:41

Think about Johnny's statement. Isn't it more of a crime to the 13 year old to go all of those years with nothing being done about it until now. Now that she has moved on with her life and probably wants to forget about the whole thing. Now that Roman Polanski is practically a nobody to this generation of people. It would be a crime after all of this time to relive that whole thing plus the time, expense- all because the justice system failed her back then. Yes, I do believe Roman needs some form of punishment-weather it be an extreme financial one or an imprisonment. But dragging that poor woman through some trial to relive his glory days of when he thought he was living an untouchable lifestyle is wrong.

Jay on 02/03/2010 @ 22:16

it's a very odd statement that i wouldn't say is necessarily atypical of Depp, although we all like to believe he has more sense than that.

Pamela on 02/03/2010 @ 03:53

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Pamela on 02/03/2010 @ 03:52

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Shalie on 01/31/2010 @ 20:32

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Bryan on 01/27/2010 @ 02:24

Well she really is so lucky having a good life like that. Well i hope she knows about it and shares her blessings to Haiti people.

Bryan on 01/25/2010 @ 03:02

I don't her definition of addiction is quite appropriate, addiction simply means like what she has done having 10 surgeries in just a day,who's not addict now?

melchor26 on 01/22/2010 @ 07:29

this issue is really sensitive.. all i can say is check out his latest videoon youtube, with a great music background, sang by a great rock artist 'ASTRID BRYAN"...just type, tiger woods sooner or later.

Bryan on 01/21/2010 @ 02:57

I wont believe it, all these accusations were not true, give her a break, if she's acting like that, then it doesn't mean that she's into drugs. She is smart and good. And engaging herself into it would cause her downfall.

Bryan on 01/16/2010 @ 02:40

Well, i hope the gets done because I am really so excited to see the sequel of their movie. I will try to see if there's something has changed in their acting since they will be working together as a real couple.

Bryan on 01/13/2010 @ 03:00

I don't believe it, it's just a way to cover up Tiger's womanizing issues.

Guitarsonist666 on 01/02/2010 @ 03:38

Noooo. Selena can LONGBOARD... Huge difference

Hater be gone on 12/30/2009 @ 20:20

A lot of artists perform overseas. The real shame is ignorant bloggers being jealous of people making more money than them.

Hater be gone on 12/30/2009 @ 20:18

Most celebs go international for the big bucks. And 2 million is more than this blogger makes in a day. Loser!

sweetgirl on 12/28/2009 @ 02:08

Seems you always being Spice Girl before right,I always did those things before,i did that with a group.With geri and mel c and you of course,well.Thanks..