Brooke Hogan Disses Heidi Montag On Her Album

Jul 06th, 2009

We love a nice, good 'ol cat fight. And we're hoping this ends up with Brooke Hogan and Heidi Montag looking like idiots on some new celeb reality fighting show that's bound to happen within a year.

So apparently Heidi Montag must have done something to Brooke Hogan because on Hogan's new album she has a few words for the plastic blonde. Get with it Heidi, Ur Not That Hot or so Brooke believes. And Brooke has just supplied Heidi with another two minutes of fame by recognizing the fame rate. Thank you to both of these dimwits who have given us laughing material for about ten seconds.

Let's give Spencer a few seconds to retaliate with some crap a$$ video calling Brooke a She-Man. No, seriously do it. We honestly can't wait. We're waiting...5...4...3...2...

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