Chris Brown: It's Too Late To Apologize...Mama DID Raise A Fool

Jul 21st, 2009

We thought that Apologize song was so '07...or '08...whatever it happened already...but to Chris Brown looks like he just made the rebuttal to the "It's too late to apoooooloooogizeeee" lyric. Five months later, the guy is finally admitting to having a punch party on then girlfriend, Rihanna's head.

Sincere? Or desperate plea to salvage whatever remains of his lost career? Banking on Michael Jackson's death to throw him back in the spotlight since he can moonwalk? Hmmm...we're inclined to believe the last two. You be the judge on figuring out if this is for real...or if his publicist bargained with him and made him do it. Either way, it figures he finally addresses the public about the situation after he avoids jail time.

And his mother didn't raise him to hit women? Then who did? Ike Turner?

July 21st, 2009 by Tags: Chris Brown, Rihanna , apology, abuse, sorry
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