David Beckham Heckles Disgruntled Fans @ LA Galaxy Game (Victoria Beckham & Tom Cruise In Attendance)

Jul 21st, 2009

Just because he has a high pitched voice, doesn't mean he's ball-less. Who knew a few magic markers, some cardboard, hatred, and drunk soccer games could get to a player? Loosen up there, David Beckham. When you're getting paid millions and not doing much for your team (aside from begging to get out to go to AC Milan) what do you expect? A welcome back with roses?

Wife Victoria Beckham and crazed buddy Tom Cruise were in attendance for David's first game back for the season...and his first back from being loaned to AC Milan. Looks like a fan may have gotten to David's head because the soccer stud went over to personally confront the guy. That was until the guy jumped over the rail and went towards Beckham causing security to cease the moment. You know Tommy Girl wanted in on a piece of that...Posh was too busy making sure her rack was intact.

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hey only went over to ask the guy to shake his hand. didn't you listen to beck's interview after the game... ;)