Joaquin Phoenix Stoned or Drugged on Letterman, Rude

Feb 12th, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix "appeared" on David Letterman last night and holy shit, he was hysterical-ly boring. Letterman couldn't believe he was conducting an interview with nobody actually sitting in the seat next to him. Phoenix seemed drunk or stoned, maybe even hallucinating during parts of the segment. When Joaquin Phoenix asked Letterman for a follow-up appearance to promote his album, Letterman politely answered with, "You know that seems unlikely." and "We'll certainly keep you in our Rolodex." The nail in the coffin was when Phoenix plucked out his gum and proceed to stick it under Letterman's desk, smooth move sailor, that'll get you some great publicity.

February 12th, 2009 by Tags: Joaquin Phoenix, stoned, drugged, letterman, fail
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