Joe Jonas Cries About Break-Up With Camilla Belle During Performance

Jul 28th, 2009

Well, this totally clears away all of the gay rumors. A poor little Jonas Brother has a broken heart...and decided to share it with a stadium full of tweens. Nothing like getting back at your GF (Camilla Belle to be exact) with a bunch of screaming 12-year-olds.

Visually upset while performing the song Gotta Find You, the middle JoBro broke down into tears live on stage. When he hit the song Much Better, the stage filled with JoBro teeeeears. He wrote the song after he began dating the actress last fall.

"Yes, it's true, they have broken up," Brad Cafarelli, Belle's rep, confirmed Monday. "There is no third party involved and they care deeply about each other and will remain friends." (source)

We don't really care about the break-up, we just enjoy that one of these twits broke down in tears in front of thousands...and millions of YouTubers. Maybe now we'll see Joe Jonas scouring the online dating scene to find his next lady or man friend.

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