Letterman Makes Britney President, At Least For a Few Seconds

Aug 19th, 2009

President Britney Spears? The mere thought of our little Brit Brit ruling this country titillates our very senses. We know we hate on you sometimes, but a world with Miss Spears as prez would mean a license to tread public restrooms barefoot, shimmy down high school hallways half dressed and attack paparazzi with umbrellas. Now that’s what we call a land of opportunity. Can we drive with babies in our laps too?

David Letterman—obviously hip to all of Britney’s bikini-clad coverage—tapped the singer to do his Top Ten tonight on the Late Show. SHOCKER: she’s in a bikini. Not like you haven’t seen that 56,674 times this week. Maybe a covered midriff would have had us talking… Wait, we are talking. Oh Brit, how we love you (despite the urge to mock you).

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