Megan Fox is Insecure, Considers Vomiting at Golden Globes

Jan 13th, 2009

Megan Fox dazzled her way down the red carpet at the 66th Annual Golden Globes. While the interview seemed like a ploy for attention, we think Fox's statements about being painfully insecure and on the verge of vomiting were downright hilarious. It takes a certain type of girl to pull a joke like that off at the Golden Globes, assuming it was a joke. Megan Fox was painfully brutally honest with just about every question thrown her way. Also, big-ups to Megan Fox for wanting Salma Hayek's boobs, that's a plus two in my book, or just about any book!

January 13th, 2009 by Tags: Megan Fox, video, insecure, vomit, golden globes
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