Preview of Chris Brown's Appearance on 'Larry King Live'

Sep 02nd, 2009

Ah, the oldest trick in the book. When in doubt, pull the "I don't remember card." So did Chris Brown on Larry King Live over the weekend. When asked about the whole Rihanna beating incident, Chris basically said he didn't remember jack shizz. That's either because he knocked himself out after beating her, was incredibly drunk, or is a LIAR LIAR pants on FIYAH.

And if you're interested in just reading the snippet instead of viewing, Chaos has got it for you below. Make sure to tune in tonight when it airs...sure to be a REALLLLL bashing party.

Larry King: When you hear about all the things the police and the reports say you did, how do you react to that?

Chris Brown: I, I ,I just look at, like, wow, like, I'm in shock because first of all that's not who I am as a person and that's not who I pride myself on being, so I just, when I, like, look at the police reports or when I hear about the police reports, I don't know, what, what to think. I just don't know what to think. It's just like, wow.

Larry: Do you remember doing it?

Chris: No

Larry: Don't remember doing it?

Chris: I don't, I don't, it's like, it's crazy to me, like, I'm like, wow.

Cat got your tongue? No that would be Rihanna's money making a$$ while you've been sitting at home with your publicist trying to come up with the best excuse possible.

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